Ethics statement

This document describes (1) the purpose of this blog, (2) the writer of the blog, (3) the monetization strategy of the blog, and (4) clear disclosure rules around sponsorships and mentions of products or services.

(1/4) The purpose of this blog

This blog is a personal project, meant to get my knowledge and opinions out of my brain and into the world. This is not the commercial website of a company or brand. I am one individual, just working to spread what I know and think.

(2/4) The writer of this blog

I, the writer of this blog, have sole ownership of it. Everything I write is based on my own initiatives. There are no other writers. Articles may be changed based on feedback from others, but I retain all final decisions on what gets published, except for information that violates WordPress’ Terms of Service. I value privacy online, and so for that reason, I don’t want to openly divulge my identity. That said, I can guarantee a few things:

  • I am not a laywer or journalist, and I will not claim to be. I may link to articles written by journalists, but I will do my best to make sure that I do not get credit for their work.
  • Through this blog, I will give honest tips and advice. That said, some tips are not universal, especially in the area of technology. I cannot give you any sort of legal assurance that my tip will work for you, and you have to evaluate it on your own to see if it works for you.
  • I will stick to the facts, and clearly mark opinions as such. If I become aware of an incident in which I have made a factually-inaccurate claim (and it is not a clearly written opinion), I will update the respective article with clarification and a note as soon as I become aware of the issue. Please make me aware of such through the “Contact” page.

(3/4) Use of ad-blocking and tracker-blocking

I use a web-browser extension that filters out advertisements and trackers online. I do this because it greatly increases privacy to block trackers and it reduces data bandwidth and annoyances to block advertisements from appearing. I am not offended if you have an ad/tracker-blocker and keep it active on my own blog.

I am not an experienced web coder or designer, I just like to write. WordPress became the easiest solution to get my information out into the world, but that also means I am at the behest of WordPress’ website and tracking tools. If it were up to me, I would never implement the vast majority of tracker tools that get introduced on a standard webpage. Some are genuinely useful, such as page views statistics, but I completely loathe invasive trackers that try to collect as much information about website visitors.

I will not put up a paywall. I will not give irritating pop-ups “kindly” requesting you to disable your browser extension. If that ever happens here, it is WordPress’ doing, not mine. I want to make content and information as open and accessible as I can. I believe the free flow of information is essential, and will always do my best to respect users’ right to private browsing online. If I am ever in a position to actually monetize this blog, I will do it in as much of a visitor-friendly way as possible.

(4/4) Clear disclosure rules on sponsored posts/mentions

As this blog will mention a lot of my personal hobbies, interests, and thoughts, it’s only natural that I will write about specific products or services that I use and recommend. Those are, however, entirely my own opinions. I will make a completely clear disclosure if I am ever sponsored to write a name or a title. You can feel safe that when I mention a specific commercial brand, I am doing it on my own accord, not because I was paid or in any way influenced to do so.

To this day, I have not written a single sponsored post or sponsored mention in a post. None, whatsoever. This text will be updated if that ever changes.


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